Sep 09

Narrative Based KM Competencies Framework (video was made in October 2008)

This video was made for the Cognitive Edge network as a mini-case study of using narrative techniques. It describes an iKMS ( project to develop a self-development competencies framework for knowledge managers in Singapore. We started with anecdote circles to collect stories of knowledge manager experiences, and from them and prior research on typical KM roles the participants built archetypes. Knowledge managers susbsequently built “competency wheels” for each archetype using Dave Snowden’s ASHEN framework as a base. The research was conducted by Awie Foong for iKMS, directed and supported by Patrick Lambe, and will be published by iKMS in October 2008.

Sep 02

Dr Vaine’s actKM Conference Address (recorded October 2008)

This special broadcast was made for the actKM Forum’s annual conference 14-15 October 2008.

Aug 29

Special Issue on Connecting KM Theory and Practice

Over the past few months I have been guest editing a special issue of the Journal of Entrepreneurship Innovation and Management (JEMI) on the connections between KM theory and practice. It’s out today and freely available as a download! My many thanks to the contributors, the anonymous reviewers and Anna Ujwary-Gil who suggested it, and supported me through the process.

Aug 26

KM Singapore 2008: Graham Higgins Keynote (recorded in 2008)

Graham Higgins of Cathay Pacific delivers the first keynote address at iKMS’ annual conference KM Singapore 2008, on the topic “Joining up the dots”. How can organisations respect the expertise in functional specialisations and still bridge silos to bring cross-organisation connectivity and awareness? This video is 40 minutes, comprising 30 minutes of Graham’s presentation plus 10 minutes question and answer

Aug 19

Tony Sheehan’s Keynote for KM Singapore 2008 (recorded in 2008)

Tony Sheehan of Ashridge Business School and formerly of Arup delivers the second keynote address at iKMS’ annual conference KM Singapore 2008, on the topic “The Lost Art of Thinking”. Tony takes us through ten steps of significant change in ogranisational life, leading to a plea for balance and an outline of what we need in terms of connecting tools, networks, corporate values, learning strategies, and time to think. This video is 40 minutes, comprising 35 minutes of Tony’s presentation plus 5 minutes question and answer.

Jul 22

Knowledge Power and Responsibility: A Conversation with Nancy Dixon (recorded 26 Nov 2008 KM Asia)

This conversation with Nancy Dixon, recorded at KM Asia, November 26th 2008 (thanks to Ark Group) explores the issue of supporting “vertical” knowledge sharing – and important themes for designing environments and changing behaviours to overcome inhibitors to sharing that arise from power relationships, willingness to give up responsibility, and the availability and techniques and tools to help us do that.

Apr 29

Steve Ellis’ Keynote for KM Singapore 2009 Conference (recorded on 13 August 2009)

This is the keynote address from Dr Steve Ellis of HSBC at the KM Singapore Conference 13 August 2009. The topic was “knowledge based working in the current economic climate” and Dr Ellis argued that while the pressures of an economic crisis tended to make managers less prone to think in terms of long term KM investments and gains, this environment (a) shows the value of knowledge worker skills and (b) focuses knowledge managers on delivering tangible value.

Apr 22

Ron Young on Personal Knowledge Management (recorded in an iKMS Evening Talk on 25 May 2009)

In this evening talk for iKMS, Ron Young explains that personal knowledge management is a foundational element for any kind of knowledge management, and argues that it forms a basic set of competencies for any knowledge worker.

In this second part of a talk on personal knowledge management for the iKMS, Ron Young argues that the arrival of Web 2.0 massively enables personal knowledge management, and that this will inevitably have an impact on organisational KM.

Apr 15

Arthur Shelley on the “Organizational Zoo” (recorded in an iKMS workshop on 26 Nov 2009)

In the first part of this evening talk for iKMS ( given by Arthur Shelley, Arthur introduces the idea of using animal metaphors as a way of influencing behaviours and enhancing performance. We see an activity using his “Organization Zoo” cards to discuss team balance and formation.

iKMS Evening Talk: Arthur Shelley on the Organizational Zoo Pt 1 from Patrick Lambe on Vimeo.

In the second part of this video of a workshop for iKMS (, Arthur Shelley explains how the animal and zoo metaphors can be used to form and manage teams, manage stakeholders, and manage performance.

iKMS Evening Talk: Arthur Shelley on the “Organizational Zoo” Pt 2 from Patrick Lambe on Vimeo.

Apr 08

Origins 2010: Interview with Victoria Ward and Olivier Serrat (Channel NewsAsia 9 Sep 2010)

This was an interview conducted by Channel NewsAsia’s Primetime Morning show on 6 September just before the Origins Business Narrative Conference 2010. Victoria Ward and Olivier Serrat explained the importance of storytelling in an organisational context.